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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Art Deco and Art Nouveau in London.

I'm long overdue another post on this feeble blog so here it is. It's about Art Deco buildings in London. The above photo is of the United Grand Lodge of England in Great Queen Street, near Covent Garden. The Freemasons have been meeting on this site since 1775. This is the third building on the site and was completed in 1932 as a memorial to Freemasons who died in World War One. The building is open to the public and there is a museum too. If you are at a loose end I encourage you to go in and if you have the time go on one of the frequent talks and tours of the building. The tours are held several times a day for free. Photography is allowed inside. You won't be disappointed! The talk is fascinating and the inside is sublime in its Art Deco decor.  
Lady reading a book, Upper Berkeley Street, Westminster. Very typically Deco, clean lines and simplistic. 
The most famous cinema in Britain where world premiers are shown. The Odeon in Leicester Square. Built to be the flagship of Odeon cinemas and opened in 1937.
I think the motifs look stunning on this Waterstones shop on Portugal Street. It's part of the LSE campus.
One of my favourite Deco buildings is the old Carreras Black Cat cigarette factory near Mornington Crescent tube station.It has a pair of beautiful black sculpture cats at the entrance. Built in 1928. 
Above is the Victoria Coach Station. Buckingham Palace Road. A classic Art Deco building completed in 1922 and listed in 2014.
The famous Isokon building in Hampstead was conceived by Molly and Jack Pritchard and opened in 1934.
A nice unexpected little find was on Electric Lane in Brixton. One of the entrances into the market has an Egyptian Deco look to it.