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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Well I've decided after a four year absence to start a blog again.
I do not expect to be particularly good as this is my third post so please don't hold your breath for the next post because if you do you will be dead.

Anyway as the weather forecast said it would be wet on Friday and dry on Saturday, I stayed in on Friday and went out on Saturday. There was rain on and off all day. Which was a bit annoying as I'd decided to go out for a change and photograph London.

For no particular reason I chose Paddington. Paddington is the first place I would arrive at when I first used to come to London as a child. So it's always got a soft spot in my heart. Despite the fact that it is a popular trawling ground for ladies of the dusk, this minor fact did not spoil it for me.

I can remember sitting on the train in the 1960's and 70's and looking at the approach to Paddington. It was unbelievably depressing. There were great big, dirty blocks of flats. With little dark and grubby windows dimly lit. Occasionally I'd see a face peering out only a couple of feet from the train I was on. I can remember thinking that I could never live here. It was as if these buildings were deliberately designed and placed so close to the trains to suck out the soul of the poor sods who lived in them.

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  1. Great photo, love it! (almost as much as I love your profile description - oh boy, do I identify with that or what?)