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Friday, 19 March 2010

A 1950's purveyor of coffee in Camden, North London.

I took the tube to Camden to see the refurbished Jewish Museum and on the way back to the tube station found this little shop, and I was pleased to see it was open. It's always been closed when I've walked past before and it's always intrigued me. So at last I got the chance to have a nose around.

It's a tiny little shop, only about 8 feet square but what strikes you first is the aroma, pure delicious high class coffee.

The shop sells coffee beans and nothing else. It's been in business since 1950 here in the same premises at 11 Delancey Street, Camden. The original owner bought his coffee wholesale from a company that is still in business and is Europe's largest coffee wholesaler. In fact that first owner of this coffee shop was the  wholesale company's first customer!

That's George in the photo above, the current owner of the shop. He's from Cyprus and has worked here for 35 years. He says that when he retires there is no one to follow him.

The coffee grinders are all the original ones from 1950. George will grind the coffee for you if you so wish. I bought some coffee beans from Costa Rica, a medium to strong coffee and enjoyed a delicious cup of it when I got home later that day.

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